New Delhi: Whoever said age is just a number, probably had it all figured out.

While everyone gets older not everyone feels their age. A recent study proved that such 'feeling young' feels, called subjective age, may reflect brain ageing. Using MRI brain scans, researchers found that elderly people who feel younger than their age show fewer signs of brain ageing as compared to those who feel their age or older than their age.

The study, published in open-access journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, is the first to find a link between subjective age and brain ageing. The results suggest that elderly people who feel older than their age should consider caring for their brain health.

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So, if you think you act older than you look, you may want to start caring for your grey cells. Dr Jeanyung Chey of Seoul National University says, "Why do some people feel younger or older than their real age? Some possibilities include depressive states, personality differences or physical health. However, no-one had investigated brain ageing processes as a possible reason for differences in subjective age."

It is also a possibility that those with the '18 till I die motto' are more likely to lead a more physically and mentally active life, which could cause improvements in brain health. However, for those who feel older, the opposite could be true.

"If somebody feels older than their age, it could be a sign for them to evaluate their lifestyle, habits and activities that could contribute to brain ageing and take measures to better care for their brain health," said Chey.

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People who felt younger than their age were more likely to score higher on a memory test, considered their health to be better and were less likely to report depressive symptoms. Critically, those who felt younger than their age showed increased grey matter volume in key brain regions. So, go ahead and make the most of this Friyay. After all, you're only as old as you feel, so YOLO!