The festival of colours, Holi, is vibrant with a wide range of colours used in various forms such as powders, water balloons and water guns. But what most people dread is the big task of cleaning home after the celebrations are over. Well, here are a few tips from Sumon Chandra, AVP Marketing at Housejoy, that can help you solve that. So, celebrate the festival of colours tension free and follow these tips to clean up the mess after. If you are too wearied out to do so, call the experts. Happy Holi!

As Holi is all about Rang Barse vibe, it’s almost absolutely certain the colours will also colour your floor. To save it from everlasting stains, you can dust off the gulal(powder colours) using a broom and in case of watercolours,  absorb the spilled colour immediately using a sponge or cloth. Don’t let the colour dry as it will cause permanent stains in which case and you will have to bring out the big guns - strong detergents.

To remove wet stains off the walls all you need to is to make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply the paste on to the stained portion of the wall, let it sit and wipe off the stains gently. Rubbing it too hard may cause permanent marks.

Furniture and upholstery
Dust off the dry colours first. For wet stains, take a small wet cotton ball dipped in acetone and try to remove the stain. But be careful as the varnish might come off. When it comes to upholstery, use a broom, or even better, a vacuum cleaner to remove the dry colours. And to remove wet stains, soak the material in warm water with some white vinegar.

If your crockery is special to you, we advise you to keep them inside and to use disposable plates and cups instead as the colours might leave tough stains.