The struggle is the polishing process of success. The more arduous efforts you put, the brighter the success glitters. 5 or 10 years from now on, when you look back at yourself, you will find maturity not just in the number of years of your age but in your experiences, thought processes, and approach to dealing with the world.

Success or maturity if obtained without struggle is void and meaningless. The struggle is the only proven way to learn life lessons more valuable than billions of dollars. Nevertheless, the journey of struggle is no less than passing through a tunnel filled with darkness, having no clues about the obstacles stumbling on your way and the time required to come out of it. What you have is only the gleam of hope to drive you through the unknown distance.

Those who choose to struggle can only feel what inner satisfaction and pride the success possesses when obtained with struggle. Only those brave hearts know the depths of emotional breakdowns, loss in terms of money and time, and the struggle they have gone through only to achieve success.

Gunvant Thakor is a brave achiever who had nothing but the gleam of hope to overcome his poor situation when he had hundreds of how and when questions. He fought every obstacle impeding his way to reach where he stands today in his life.

Who Is Gunvant Thakor?
Gunvant Thakor is a music and film producer hailing from Gujarat – the land of the people as sweet as their mother tongue. He has produced several music albums, short films, movies, telefilms and documentaries, out of which some have broken records. In his thirty-five years of career, he has produced three films and more than five thousand songs that featured many top-notch personalities of the Gujarati film industry, including Vikram Thakor, Jignesh Kaviraj, Rakesh Barot, Kinjal Dave, Vijay Suvada, Aakash Thakor, Naresh Kanodiya, Hiten Kumar, Hitu Kanodiya, Firoz Irani, Rajdeep Barot.

With his hard work, creativity and passion for the entertainment industry, Gunvant Thakor could manage to carve his irreplaceable place in the Gujarati film industry. However, his path to success had been filled with obstacles. Gunvant, instead of blaming the situation, chose to strive until he defeated the odds and rode high with success.

Gunvant Thakor's Journey from A Commoner to Popular Producer Gunvant Thakor was born to a low-income family in a tiny place called Lhor situated in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. His parents, daily wager by occupation, moved to Thaltej, Ahmedabad, searching for a better job opportunity. Even though the financial condition of the Thakor family could barely improve.

Both the mother and father of Gunvant were striving hard to make both ends meet. Managing family maintenance and other expenses while providing Gunvant's education was difficult for the Thakor family.

Gunvant Thakor, being sensible even at that age, saw no option but to accept a job to assist his family financially. He took up a job that fetched him four rupees daily. He continued doing jobs to support his family until he developed an interest in the film industry.

A new job in the film industry came with another set of difficulties. He needed to travel 12km for attending his job on foot as he lacked any other mode of commute given to his financial condition. He could overcome this obstacle only when he purchased a cycle two years later from his savings.

Difficulties last longer, but sure they recede someday. Gunvant Thakor rooted himself in the film industry slowly but steadily. Over time, he started penning down his original compositions; with that, he found a secondary source of income.

During the 1990s, Gunvant Thakor decided to launch his recording studio and named it 'Laxmi Studio', later renamed 'Jigar Studio' after his first child was born. Gunvant's struggle did not stop here. He started producing music albums, but that was not sufficient for making profits out of it. It needed advertising to make people aware of his work. He visited several CD stores, informed them about his music albums, and convinced them to keep his music album CDs on sale in return for good incentives.

Over time, he started to gain recognition and more contacts within the Gujarati film industry. He gained much of his prominence after the album 'Meldi Mano Madhado', which he produced in 2004 with Vikram Thakor and a song from their album ‘Sona Ni Into Padavaji’ became a hit instantly.

Gunvant Thakor's career skyrocketed after that. One more time in 2006, Gunvant and Vikram Thakor came together to produce 'Ek Var Piyu Ne Malva Aavje' – a Gujarati movie. Their movie was the blockbuster of the year that broke all the records in history.

Another movie by Gunvant Thakor called 'Tuto Sajan Mara Kadje Korani,' produced in 2009 in association with Jagdish Thakor, pondered them with applauds. The duo also produced several music albums around the same year. Later in 2013, they made a Gujarati film 'Preet Jhuke Nahi Saath Chhute Nahi.'

A few popular music albums and movies of Gunvant Thakor include 'Tu Mari Nai To Koini Nai' produced with Jignesh Kaviraj and Prem Ni Majburi, Nandlala and Jiv Hatheli Par Muki Didho Tara Re Bharose' produced in collaboration with Aakash Thakor.

Gunvant Thakor is proactively working in the Gujarati film industry even after keeping unwell until a few years ago. He believes that struggle is what adds essence to success. It would lack pride and satisfaction if no struggle were included in whatever you achieve.

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