We all are fond of perfect outfits and concerned about how we look, there may be a few exceptions who are least bothered by dressing and grooming, but the bulk usually follows the path ushering to the fashion world.

Every day we come across hundreds of influencers and models who exhibit their perfect outfit ideas and stimulates all of us. May it be Instagram or Pinterest one never gets weary of saving multiple outfit ideas in a hope to try them one day.

Vishal Soni is one such prominent social media influencer who had always reflected his thoughts and personality via his remarkable fashion techniques.

Being a successful influencer Mr. Soni has also set a benchmark in the business world by opening the doors of Soni Enterprise, a clothing company. He has made clothing easy and affordable.

Mr. Soni, the business tycoon has disclosed some of the rules that one must that into consideration while picking an outfit.

He says, “Following the rule of 3Cs i.e. Comfort, Confidence and Classy creates less hustle while picking an outfit.” According to him, this is how you can use the rule of 3Cs

1. Comfort

Mr. Soni says that comfort is the most fundamental factor while buying or wearing an outfit. Your clothes should give you ample space for free movements and make it breathable.

2. Confidence

“When you are comfortable with your outfit, you seem confident,” says Mr. Soni. Being confident can amplify your personality and thereby your outfit will serve the purpose.

3. Classy

If your outfit passes the first rules then the last one is accomplished on its own. Mr. Soni believes that one must dress according to the event, while one must also study a few trends but add a style of their own.

We hope this aid from Mr. Soni guides you to pick a perfect outfit.

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