The world's most popular, and controversial, social networking service, Facebook has turned 15. Celebrating the anniversary, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a customary post on the service underlining the history of the service and its possible future.

Facebook, which was launched as an internal networking portal by the Harvard dropout from his college dorm, today hosts about 2.7 billion people are connected on the service. In his long post, Zuckerberg notes how the initial years of Facebook were filled with doubts about its survival.

However, Facebook grew by bounds and how. Not only it gobbled down other similar services such as Orkut but became to be the only service people trusted to use. Although in the more recent history, Facebook has been plagued with controversies over the misuse and mishandling of user data through its platform.

For this, Facebook plans to spend more on safety and security that its whole revenue at the time of IPO. It is also planning to invest in artificial intelligence to manage content at scale.

Zuckerberg wrote, "But if the last 15 years were about people building these new networks and starting to see their impact, then the next 15 years will be about people using their power to remake society in ways that have the potential to be profoundly positive for decades to come.


(Inputs from ANI)