The field of Information Technology demands innovation at every step. In the blink of an eye, innovations are happening in the technological sector. Many software developers and IT experts with their knowledge have brought new changes in this field. Niraj Kanjani, one of the talented entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad launched a mobile app called CalcuVault that helps users to save their private data behind a calculator. Many mobile apps protect privacy, but CalcuVault is unique in its way.  

This app gives the users permission to hide their private photos and videos behind a calculator on the mobile. As far as the user's privacy is concerned, the app has no backend server. “All the data is saved on the device, and it does not store any data on the server. I believe user’s privacy is important, and we have designed the app keeping it in mind”, revealed Niraj. Available on Google Play Store, CalcuVault is one of the latest additions for the users who want to secretly hide their data on their devices.  

Throwing light on Niraj Kanjani, he has been working since the age of 18. While pursuing his Bachelor's in Computer Application, the entrepreneur did a part-time job at a call centre. Speaking about his days of struggle, he said, “Those were the golden days of my life. I used to attend college from 11 AM till 5 PM. And then I worked at a call centre from evening till the night.” During this time, Niraj learnt about software development and internet marketing.
To pursue his passion, Niraj left his part-time job and started IT outsourcing. In these years, the entrepreneur has gained tremendous experience in launching various tech startups and has even learnt in-depth about social media marketing. The knowledge that he possesses helped him in getting selected for an exchange program where he got to study and pursue his Master’s degree from Laurentian University in Canada. Moreover, for his outstanding work in internet marketing, Niraj Kanjani has won a medal from CPAlead.

Since then, he has been associated with various projects of internet marketing. “I believe everything is interconnected with computer technology. All we need to do is learn and understand these latest innovations before traditional methods get obsolete”, added Niraj. Besides this, the entrepreneur loves to live a disciplined life, and he considers fitness an integral part of his daily routine.

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