Digital Marketing requires attention and dedication, and only a few have the patience to do it. Nowadays, business and marketing scenarios are more or less dependent on Digital Marketing. More than half the world’s population has access to the internet; hence it is easier and cheaper for companies to reach their target audience online. Digital Marketing is a medium used for mass attraction of the audience. Rohit Mehta is one of the few Digital Marketers who are aware of what they are doing.

Rohit Mehta established Digital Gabbar with the aim and mission to help the up-and-coming digital entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts with a platform from where they can learn things without being lost in the thousands and hundreds of data piled up on the internet. Rohit started as a blogger but soon became a Digital Marketing expert with his sheer will and determination. He loves learning about technology and reading. He is like a curious cat by nature and, this characteristic of his piqued his interest in Digital Marketing. And once he ventured into the path of digital marketing, there was no turning back. He has only been going forward and witnessing the growth of his company. Rohit wants the young people to have a platform they can learn from and not lose themselves amidst the chaos of the internet.

Rohit says that you must know that the whole process of becoming an expert in the digital sector is slow, and you must be consistent, patient, and dedicated, no matter what. He often teaches others what they are lacking and helps them climb the ladder as well. He gives some of the best pieces of advice to the younger generation.

Rohit believes that content is the key to success in this field. Your content must resonate with the client in some form or provide value. Then only people will yearn for your services because they know they will gain benefit. The creation of good content will also help create a bond between you and the consumer. Moreover, they will start trusting your content and eventually come to like you as a brand or an individual. Also, he says that you must be consistent in the production of your content. Next, you must understand that the process is painfully slow but is worth all the effort. Recognise that it will take time to reach a certain level, and you must wait patiently till then. Rohit claims that most of us leave halfway because of the commitment and time it takes, and some are just lazy. Furthermore, he asserts that we should keep ourselves updated with the current trends of the digital world. When your work depends on the internet, you must be aware of what is happening online to be effectively efficient in what you do.

Rohit Mehta has helped young lads and lasses to be more confident in their work and trust themselves with the process of creation and marketing. He has become an inspiration and motivation for young entrepreneurs to move forward without any hassle.

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