Dalip Celbeqiri a 24-year-old is a man of many shades that dwells on both the online and offline world. His life started on a simple note away from the hardship others of age would experience. However, he utilized every moment as an opportunity to turn things around by embarking upon his venture called DIY Simple.

However, before he launched his online publishing media platform, he made sure to be part of a company called Newsflare for one year trying to get some hands-on experience on online web publishing and running media agency.

However, before he embarked upon the venture called DIY Simple, he experimented in this field to finally come out with is online publishing agency. He helps people on social media and the digital platform looking for innovative content solutions in the changing web landscape. 

He experimented a lot with different digital agencies, learning SEO and understanding the nitty-gritty of e-commerce and culminate his knowledge and skillsets in his venture of DIY Simple to give out the best to the audience. This has, therefore, made his man, not just an online Entrepreneur, but also an Influencer and Engineer.  

Living in a country with multi-culture and diversity, he has a fair understanding of carrying out business and things. Instead of or reiterating on issues, he believed in doing things on his own to get rid of the issues while he treads the path of an online entrepreneur. 

He believes in competitiveness, self-awareness, and the urge to evolve that makes him successful in this tough market. Besides, being an online businessman, he also travels a lot to allow him to grab real-time experience which taught him a lot about business and enterprise. He has to go a long way, this is just a start for the 24-year-old young man.

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