Tamil Nadu: When it comes to going all out with Christmas decorations, this year we have a clear winner. While shops, malls, hotels and homes are being decked with festive decorations, Le Meridien, Coimbatore took decking the hallways a tad too literally with the tallest Christmas tree that touches the hotel's roof.

Aptly being titled as the tree that 'touches the heaven', this giant Christmas tree is completely covered with 3 km long tinsels, 1.8km serial lamps, stars, jingle bells and hanging ornaments. It is of 165 feet height and 18 feet diameter at the bottom. Showcased in the hotel lobby, the tree has other decorative arrangements around it like the good ol' Santa Claus, snowmen, reindeer, gifts, gingerbread house and the Christmas tableau.

The tree took 24 hours to install by 24 engineering and housekeeping staff.