Much of writer Chetan Bhagat's popularity comes from his talent that he knows exactly how to woo his readers. And, this time was no different. Resorting to a dramatic tactic, the writer unveiled his latest book, The Girl in Room 105, by dropping a 'movie-like' promo starring actor Vikrant Massey. Filmmaker Mohit Suri, who had directed the movie Half Girlfriend based on Bhagat's novel, is the creative brain behind this trailer. 

Bhagat has termed this novel as unlike his previous romantic novels, to the extent of giving it the tagline of "an unlove story". 


The story plot revolves around Keshav Rajpurohit, (an IIT alumnus, unsurprisingly) son of a senior RSS official who teaches in a coaching centre and is in the process of  'unloving' his ex-girlfriend Zara, a Kashmiri Muslim. The author took to Facebook live to answer questions about the book and also revealed that though he may have differed in his usual narrative he has continued the practice of naming his lead characters after Krishna. 

 Meanwhile, the trailer has already racked up over 85,000 views and over 2,000 likes. The comment section is lit with fans asking for Chetan Bhagat to convert this book into a movie or a Netflix series while the haters asking for a ban on his writing.