Here is a little tete-a-tate with Chef Arvind where he takes us through his journey and association with Callebaut and how he hopes to take forward this legacy.

When asked about his experience of working chocolates & why Callebaut has been different, he said, “In my career journey from starting as an intern to a Hotel Pastry Chef and now to the Co-Founder and Director of Academics at Whitecaps International School of Pastry, I have come across almost all the brands of chocolate naming a few- Vanleer, Morde, Van Houten, Valrhona, Felchlin, Carma, Cacao Barry and yes definitely Callebaut. 

I am fond of chocolate and working with it lifts my mood and the feeling becomes special while around chocolate. I like trying it in different applications and creating new things with chocolate every day.

Callebaut is special to me because I have started understanding the behaviour of the Callebaut chocolate well and I feel it allows me to work with it flexibly. It has brilliant taste and aroma and it’s easy availability never stops me from working with it. 

The selection process and criteria of selecting a brand ambassador for Callebaut is nothing short of an exam! 

“They were looking for a profile with a relevant and yet diverse, internationally recognized chocolatier.”

The highlight of his career has been setting up Fabelle chocolate boutique for ITC, World chocolate Master 2014, and representing India in 'Chocolate Star’ at Italy in 2016, and these aspects of his profile were found to be credible and attractive to Callebaut.

Chef expressing his joy; “When you are associated with one brand of chocolate for the past 18 years and suddenly you become the brand ambassador of that brand, the feeling is like a dream come true and it felt like I am on cloud nine, but yes all these come with responsibilities and determination to do more.”

When asked what is ahead of this partnership at Chef’s culinary institute at Koramangala, Bengaluru, Whitecaps International school of Pastry, he said, “I will love to continue sharing the knowledge of its uses, applications and the magic the Callebaut chocolates can do to the Chef's recipes with all the aspirant Chefs or the future generation of the Chef’s world.”

When asked if he imparts his chocolate knowledge to his students at Whitecaps and here is what he said;

“As a Director of Academics at Whitecaps International School of Pastry, Bangalore, it’s my responsibility to share all the knowledge of the Pastry industry which I have gathered from my experience with my students. The chocolate being my favourite I always talk to them a lot about its origin, how they can easily work with chocolate at their home and how to make good business from Chocolate. They also learn how to make chocolate novelties with their best friends.”

“The joy of creating a delectable art is beyond words; when created with chocolate, the experience is out of the world.  Chocolate might seem very basic, but it is a very interesting ingredient that has the ability become something magical as a mood changer, aphrodisiac and for its nutritional value.

“We, at Whitecaps, are constantly experimenting with new techniques; amalgamating different flavours, creating new textures. Our aim is to keep learning and evolving and experimenting. What remains constant? Our love for baking with our white caps on!”

About Chef Arvind Kumar

Having worked with prestigious International brands such as Park Hyatt Dubai, Grand Hyatt Dubai and ITC Gardenia, and bagging numerous awards – Young Chef of the Year, Best Chocolate Showpiece – Indian Chocolate Master, Chocolate Star Competition, Italy – to name a few, Chef Arvind Kumar has added yet another feather to his cap by being the sole brand ambassador for Belgian Chocolate maker, Callebeut in India.

Arvind Prasad is an internationally-acclaimed Chef, who is not only the Director of Academics but also the Co- Founder and Head Chef at Whitecaps International School of Pastry, one of the top 3 international standard baking schools in India. 

He provides consultation on many projects and activities including kitchen set up, menu development, recipe development, R&D in baked products, and workshops.
Besides this, Chef Arvind also consults with leading hotel chains, the most recent being the dessert menu conceptualisation for ITC’s chocolate boutique, Fabelle. 

You can follow Chef Arvind on Instagram @ChefArvind and learn more about Whitecaps International School of Pastry Diploma & Cake Engineering courses at

About Callebaut
Callebaut is a Belgian couverture chocolate manufacturer. Belgian couverture is premium chocolate that is finely milled to 18 microns which avoids having a grainy taste in the mouth when the chocolate melts on the tongue. This chocolate is predominantly used by gourmet and culinary professionals around the world. Many professionals who use Callebaut couverture chocolate use it for its workability and typical taste, which has remained consistent since 1911. Learn more about them at

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