People desiring to become parents need to be careful in choosing their fertility doctor. Usually the first round of consultations and check up begin with gynecologists and urologists. But in case of unsuccessful attempts in conception even after a year of trying, it is advisable to seek a fertility doctor’s expert. A fertility doctor or expert has the expertise in dealing and treating patients with complications related to male and female reproductive issues. 

Budget IVF, Mumbai is a highly specialized IVF centre offering expert opinion and treatment to anxious people desiring to have children. The clinic is equipped with a well-versed team of gynecologists and highly experienced multifaceted reproductive specialists who are committed to resolve all possible complications related to infertility and help people realize their dreams of parenthood.  

Over the past few decades, we are witnessing rise in infertility in males and females who wish to seek assisted reproduction methods to bear children.  Cancer patients or those with serious medical condition requiring treatment that could affect their fertility quotient approach fertility experts in order to preserve their fertility.

In normal course, most people approach infertility experts who are mostly gynecologists but with additional knowledge of infertility and its related treatment. They can consult and treat patients wish reproductive issues and also carry out reproductive procedures such as IVF and ICSI and so on.

Fertility doctors or experts deal with patients with delayed parenthood, patients detected or with the likelihood of complications in conceiving. Fertility specialists also deal with birth control procedures and assist in patients who wish to become parents after going ahead with vasectomies, tubal ligation and other related procedures. 

Male patients approach andrologists who are urologists with expertise in male infertility issues and their treatment. Urologists are doctors who have specialized in urinary tract diseases and conditions. Going ahead, andrologists take upon the task of detecting the reasons for zero or low sperm count, and other male infertility issues. They perform testicular biopsies and sperm extractions and also treat reproductive infections, undescended testicles, testicular torsion, erectile dysfunctions and other reproductive infections

Additionally, patients with approach endocrine illnesses need to seek reproductive endocrinologists who are gynecologists/obstetricians can help them in managing endocrine illnesses and resolving their issues through suitable treatment or surgeries for fertility.  

On the other hand, reproductive surgeons are capable of treating female infertility through surgical procedures such as removal of cysts, fibroids or treating endometriosis as per the patient’s condition. They are skilled in various surgical procedures such as laparoscopy, robotic surgery, minimally invasive gynecological surgery techniques, hysteroscopy, and so on. 

Reproductive immunologists are reproductive experts with specialization in immunology. They are best consulted for resolving issues of patients with unexplained infertility, recurring miscarriages and failure in multiple IVF cycles.  Reproductive immunologists are qualified to treat patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or any other auto-immune diseases. 

Today, assisted reproductive techniques have made it possible to overcome multiple infertility related issues and help people become parents. With reputed fertility clinics such as Budget IVF, people can still hope to bear children and enjoy a full family life.

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