"The moment which sparked my interest for the field of fashion is hard to recall but what I remember most clearly is that my affinity for fashion has been there throughout," says Nimrat Kahlon, a Chandigarh based fashion designer whose designs have become the first choice among the fashion lovers. 

Nimrat is very well known for her opulent, intricately designed outfits that have received great appreciation worldwide. Taking forward traditional colours, craftsmanship, textures in a whole different way, Nimrat has been a groundbreaker for the kind of royal clothes many people would dream to wear in their lifetime.

Nimrat has created a strong signature style that resonates in her outfits. She has been a pioneer in launching numerous styles of traditional as well as contemporary clothing. In just few years of entrepreneurship, Nimrat has launched countless collections of her designs all filmed in a prodigious way.

What is most remarkable about her work is the fact that she has given a modern interpretation to the traditional weaves and cuts weaving Indian heritage into modern forms. Her focus is always on clean aesthetics and fine detailing.

Nimrat has earned herself a doctorate in the evolution of Indian costumes over thousands of years and probably this has been a turning point in her choice of career for it enabled her to look towards her creative quest in a different way. She continued relentlessly to spearhead in almost a barren land where most buyers would travel to places like Delhi to choose an outfit. Now there is a remarkable flow of buyers from across worldwide to the designers based in Punjab who are working at par with prominent Indian designers. "People in Punjab are vibrant, receptive and extravagant. They are good looking as well. Their fashion needs can be best catered by a designer who really understands how the traditional attires can be reconstructed to create more modern and contemporary feel" asserts Nimrat. In the years to come, she believes that Punjab has the potential to become a huge fashion hub. The fashion industry here is growing parallelly with film and music industry to which she has contributed substantially.  

About being the youngest and most successful designer of Punjab she humbly shares that she follows her instinct most of the times. "When I started working there was no yardstick, I just followed my heart. I never thought my designs would receive such an appreciation" says Nimrat. 

The brand that started with minimal capital stands tall today in terms of production capacity. This is all possible due to Nimrat's vision of resurrecting the dying forms of fashion that needed global recognition. With this, she has become one of the most powerful fashion influencers casting an everlasting influence on fashionistas.