With the onset of monsoon, a change of wardrobe is an absolute must. However, dressing up for a rainy day doesn’t mean head-to-toe black outfits. Akash Verma, style connoisseur and founder of men’s accessories brand Chokore, gives his take on how to beat the monsoon blues with a clever style game.

Pick the right fabrics

Your rainy day wardrobe should include lightweight fabrics such as cotton and polyester fabric because they dry easily and keep you sweat-free longer. Avoid linen and knits as they cling to the body should you get caught in the rain. Not a good move, we say.

Don’t shy away from prints

We know black never goes out fashion but steer clear of the clichéd gloomy monsoon uniform of an all-black outfit. Ditch the white and pastel shirts too since they tend to get transparent with the first drop of rain. Switch to bright coloured shirts and tees in blue, maroon or go all out with prints in pure cotton fabric for a fun outfit.

Accessorise with umbrellas

If you thought owning a reliable umbrella is just a necessity, think again. You’re going to have to pair your umbrella with many outfits, so make sure it’s a versatile colour and shape that will integrate seamlessly. If you’re looking for inspo, we suggest you take a cue from Mycroft Holmes in the hit TV series Sherlock.

Sunglasses are not only for the sun

‘My future looks so bright I got to wear shades’ – if this is the song on your lips this monsoon then it’s time to rock and roll your style by wearing the right shades. The summer rains call for the right pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays and other infections. You can try out coloured shades or just opt for the classic aviators.

Consider some add-ons

Accessories can be a tad cumbersome in the rainy season. But you can always invest in a smart water-proof watch or minimalist men's bracelets. Wear your bracelet this season with a cotton checkered shirt, Nehru jacket or a trendy waistcoat. You are bound to stand out this season.