Wales: The Welsh celebrate love in honour of their patron saint of love - Saint Dwynwen -  on Jan 25. Traditionally, wooden love spoons are gifted, with different symbols that have different meanings. Eg: horseshoe means luck, keys mean a way to unlock your heart and so on.

Taiwan:  It’s not just roses that play an important role on Feb 14. It’s the number of red roses that signify different things. One rose = only love, eleven roses = you’re my special someone, ninety-nine = forever mine, 108 = marriage proposal etc.

Bulgaria:  Feb 14th is also known as Winemakers Day over at Bulgaria. Lovers’ celebrate by clinking a glass or two of their country’s delicious wine.

South Korea:  It’s a long drawn out celebration in South Korea that starts in Feb and ends in April. Women take the lead here with small mementoes, candy and flowers. Men reciprocate on March 14 – this day is called White Day. The singletons celebrate or mourn their status on April 14th with jajangmyeon – a noodle dish made of black bean paste.

Denmark:  People celebrate Valentine Day’s in different ways. It is celebrated between friends and couples.  Between friends, “snowdrops” or pressed white flowers are exchanged.  While couples give each other cards with a picture of the gift giver. This is also the time where men anonymously send the object of their affection or friend, a “joking letter”. It is signed off by dots. If the recipient guesses the sender, then she receives an Easter egg.