As temperatures soar and the India Meteorological Department (IMD) declares an extreme heatwave, people across the country are facing heat strokes. The IMD has issued warnings, urging people to take precautions. However, it's not just humans suffering; animals and birds are also affected. In Madhya Pradesh, temperatures have reached a scorching 46 degrees Celsius, resulting in the deaths of numerous bats and birds due to heat strokes.

The extreme heatwave in Madhya Pradesh has caused distress to residents and wildlife alike. In Ratlam, temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius have led to a tragic incident where many birds and bats were found falling from trees. This heartbreaking event occurred due to heat strokes induced by the intense heat, causing fatalities among the birds.

A viral video shared by the Instagram handle @ourmadhyapradesh captures the devastating impact of the heatwave on birds in Ratlam, near the municipal office. The footage shows birds and bats collapsing to the ground, unable to withstand the extreme temperatures.

In response to the video, many expressed despair in the comment section. Some highlighted the lack of water sources for the birds, attributing dehydration as a significant factor in their deaths. Urgent pleas were made for someone to offer water to the distressed animals.

The video garnered significant attention, amassing 210,000 views on Instagram. With the IMD issuing a 'Red Alert' for a heatwave in Ratlam, the situation remains critical. Forecasts suggest that these summer heatwaves are expected to persist for nearly another week.

As the heatwave persists, authorities and communities must take proactive measures to mitigate its impact on both humans and wildlife. Providing water sources and shade for animals, along with raising awareness about heatwave safety, are essential steps in ensuring the well-being of all living beings during extreme weather conditions.