Vande Bharat Express is known for its lavish and premium services; however, a viral video of the crowded train filled with ticketless passengers has sparked a discussion online. The video showcases the flock of passengers packed in a coach of the Vande Bharat Express, operating between Lucknow Junction and Dehradun. 

The video was shared by a post made on X (formerly Twitter), the caption read, "Now Premium Vande Bharat is also facing the same fate as other trains. We do not need a puppet Railway Minister, we need a new Railways which is at least accountable."



The post has several comments from users across the platform expressing their thoughts on the incident. One user wrote, "Implement metro system in every railway station , no card , no tickets , no platform tickets no entry @AshwiniVaishnaw."

Another person wrote, "First, Vande Bharat train system must have dedicated special Railway Police. What is the purpose of buying tickets worth Thousands."

One person wrote, "Ticketing & verification system like metro is needed ... Without tickets you can't go & come"

"This is the reason I stopped traveling in trains, thanks to good highways i manage most long trips in my car. Will prefer airway only if distance exceeds 800 km," another person commented. 

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