Jaipur: Deepali Sharma and Chhavi Sharma, two sisters from Jaipur, Rajasthan, face disabilities that affect their ability to speak or hear, with up to 80 percent. Despite this, they refuse to succumb to despair. Many others in similar situations might give up and resign themselves to fate, but these sisters have chosen to embrace courage. They are making a mark on the world through their remarkable talents. Let’s read about their inspiring journey. 

A passion for art

Deepali Sharma and Chhavi Sharma share a great bond. They have been passionately painting for years. Their artwork is so captivating that it deeply resonates with people. Moreover, their paintings have been showcased at various famous events and exhibitions, including international venues like Singapore. 


Both Deepali and Chhavi pursued master’s degree in Visual Arts at ICC College, Jaipur, where they performed exceptionally well and received gold and silver medals. Their love for painting dates back to their school days. Remarkably, Deepali is currently pursuing her PhD in Visual Arts. On the other hand, Chhavi has designed covers for a US-based magazine. 


Father's support

Their father used to work as a manager at the State Bank of India. To ensure their bright future, he opted for VRS and dedicated himself fully to their care. His life’s purpose revolves around supporting his daughters and helping them reach incredible heights of success. His ultimate wish is to see his daughters thrive in the field of art and pursue careers of their choices. To date, Deepali and Chhavi have created more than 400 paintings. 

Awards and honours

Deepali and Chhavi’s deep bond allows them to understand each other effortlessly. Their efforts have been recognized with prestigious awards. They have been honoured with the Divyang Jan State Art Award by the Rajasthan Government. Moreover, Deepali also earned a nomination for the Rashtrapati Award. Tata Foundation also acknowledged their talents through the Sabal Award.