Mumbai: Sachin Shigwan, renowned as ‘Solar Man of India’, has successfully provided energy solutions to over 550 villages across 10 states. Streetlights, water pumps and filters have been installed that are powered by solar energy. Even the schools receive electricity through the conservation of solar energy. 

Sachin aims to extend these benefits to 1000 villages by the end of 2025. He has been honoured with numerous awards for his commendable contributions to the society. He has also given a talk as a speaker on TEDx at BHIS Kanpur. 

Providing water with solar energy

Sachin has made water accessible to village women. Earlier they used to carry large pots on their heads to fetch water from town areas; now through the instalment of solar panels, 3 to 4 hours to their time is saved. 

He has also installed streetlights in the villages and has provided government schools with uninterrupted electricity to promote E-learning. Moreover, Sachin has introduced solar based sewing machine, papad machine and agarbatti (incense sticks) machines. 

Free electricity

Sachine has donated solar light to over ten thousand children. He has managed to bring the change from using kerosene lights to using more sustainable and harmless solar lights. His impact spans various regions including Assam, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jammu, Orissa, Telangana, Assam and Tamil Nadu.

Working since 2009

Sachin began with his social work in the year 2009. His registered his organization as ‘Green India Initiative Private Limited’ in 2014. He didn’t receive much support from anyone as they didn’t believe that his idea would work. 

Gradually, he started receiving support from a few of his friends that supported him to expand his area of work. He visits and inspects the situation of the villages and makes a report. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), NGOs, private donors help him install various solar models.

Today, he is invited for speeches in universities. He has been honoured with ‘London Book of World Records’ and ‘India Book of Records’.

Getting inspired

Initially, Sachin was working with the Rotary Club. He was already involved in the installation of solar panels for producing solar power. His meeting with his mentor, Deepak Gadhiya, inspired him to take up this work seriously to provide solar energy to the villages. 

Deepak Gadhiya is known as the ‘Father of Thermal Solar’ in India. He has installed solar energy cooking systems in the massive kitchens of religious places.