Chhattisgarh: Here’s a story that will make you wonder about human capabilities. There are people in this world that achieve the impossible and make us question if there are any boundaries that our will cannot cross.

Read this story if you’re feeling frustrated with life, are disheartened by failures and are bothered by relatives’ criticism. Chitrasen Sahu’s story of determination will make you realize your aspirations and will inspire you to conquer all challenges.

Who is Chitrasen Sahu?

Chitrasen Sahu was born on 12 October 1992, in Balod district of Chhattisgarh. He received his early education in the village’s government schools and obtained a degree in civil engineering from Government Engineering College, Bilaspur. While working as a civil engineer at Chhattisgarh Housing Board, Chitrasen was preparing for competitive exams. 

A nightmarish accident

A single accident changed his whole life. In 2014, Chitrasen was on his way to Bilaspur when he stopped near Bhatpara station to get a drink of water. Suddenly, the train signalled its departure, and in an attempt to catch it, he slipped, and his legs got caught between the platform and the train. He suffered from severe injuries and unbearable pain. 

Chitrasen recalls, “I was in excruciating pain. Everything seemed hazy and I could not comprehend what had happened. I heard voices of people gathering around me and then I was taken to the hospital. After the operation, my heart sank upon hearing the doctor’s words. My legs were amputated, and I worried about how I would spend my life. I spiralled into depression and could not come out of that phase for a few months.”

Seeking inspiration

The hospital days were tough, and Chitrasen couldn’t help but wonder about his future. Questions like “What will I do?”, “How will I manage?”, “Would people look at me with pity?” flashed in his mind. To distract himself, he spent hours searching on internet, and one day he stumbled upon a book by mountaineer Arunima Sinha. It was in those pages that he found inspiration and realized the potential for a fulfilling life. 

Chitrasen could pay the hospital’s exorbitant bills with the help of his friends. Then, a turning point came when he received a prosthetic leg. Walking with the prosthetic limb was challenging and painful, but he persevered until he became comfortable with it. A few days later, he rejoined his job and started practicing running. His ultimate aim was to climb mountains like Arunima Sinha. 

Making records

On 30 September 2019, Chitrasen achieved an extraordinary milestone by hoisting the Indian flag on top of the 5685-metre-high Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. After this feat, he became the only person in the country with prosthetic legs, to raise the tricolour flag on Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Chitrasen conquered Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America. He holds the record of being the first individual with a disability to conquer Australia’s Mount Kosciuszko and Russia’s Mount Elbrus. He has achieved a remarkable feat by conquering the highest peaks on four continents of the world with prosthetic legs.