Lucknow: As the saying goes, the most difficult part of achieving success is taking the first step. Persevering through the first few obstacles, results in astonishing achievement. Dr Nitin Singh from Rai Bareilly struggled with his newfound interest in beekeeping after studying for years and doing multiple jobs internationally. 

Beekeeping is not a usual occupation in India and most people are not even aware about such a profession. After Dr Nitin shared his plans with his family and friends, they were left disappointed with his choices. People made fun of him and felt grossed out. But this repugnant behaviour of people towards him did not make Dr Nitin lose sight of his goals. 

At present, Dr Nitin has made a name for himself in the beekeeping business and trains other people about the same occupation. 

Dr Nitin’s international jobs

Dr Nitin did his PhD in Environmental Biotechnology from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu. After the completion, he received an offer from a university in Germany. After having spent some time in Germany, he moved to Israel and took up a teaching position. 

During his stay in Israel, he experimented with beekeeping. There he learned that turmeric powder or carom seeds powder was used to cure the diseases of bees. He observed a colleague of his, Dr Victoria involved in beekeeping; she used to sell products from the honey production.  

A turning point

Dr Nitin returned to India in 2016 with his wife. Dr Nitin’s vision was clear as to what he wanted to do. He invested in his beekeeping business and launched his own brand. He received discouragement from people around him, but he continued with his work with sincere dedication. The same people who once demotivated him, buy his honey products today.

Dr Nitin began working from the prayer room of his house. Presently, he has an office in Chinhat, Lucknow. He shares that he could turn a small spark into a massive fire solely because of his passion. His business is successfully thriving and has transformed his life. Furthermore, he educates people to create and sell products, and teaches them about the benefits that can be gained from entrepreneurships. 

Expanding the network

Dr Nitin collaborates with 1700 farmers who run their businesses independently. Almost 71 people from all over the country are working with him as a team. His mission is to maximize the use of honeybee wax by creating value-added products like wax soap, cream, pain balm etc. 

Dr Nitin also provides training to women in Lakhimpur in association with many other organizations. His approach to work empowers individuals in many ways.