Lucknow: After the age of retirement, people find delight in leisure activities. This is the age when one’s children are busy settling themselves in their work life and the retired parents watch them creating their new lives. Health issues become a factor of worry and in these circumstances, it becomes important to find a way to cheer yourself up. 

Ravikant Srivastav’s initiative in Lucknow is to bring smiles and laughter on people’s faces, especially among the elderly. He understands the concerns of old age and realizes his responsibility to make others’ lives better. Ravikant’s laughter sessions help old people to overcome their anxiety about this new stage in life and changes their perception. 

Who is Ravikant Srivastav?

Ravikant is a retired government worker from Jal Nigam. He is a resident of Gomtinagar. He gathers the elders during their morning walks and starts his laughter sessions. Through this, he not only spreads job but also rejuvenates their spirits. Laughter has a remarkable ability to uplift and brighten people’s moods. 

Ravikant began this exercise with 2-3 people but now his group has gradually increased. Ravikant’s efforts are making a positive impact as the sound of laughter resonates far and wide. 

Ravikant feels heartened to be able to bring smiles to people’s lives. Through this exercise, people grow a sense of community and promote well-being.

Life after retirement

Life after retirement is not particularly as enjoyable as one would expect. People find it difficult to adjust to their new lifestyle and feel disconnected to the society. They struggle with not having to go to work every morning and find it hard to engage themselves in activities. Their mental health is greatly affected by this without them realizing it. 

Engaging in hobbies

Ravikant’s approach of bringing laughter and joy into the lives of retirees has a profound impact on their mental and physical well-being. They look forward to taking part in this activity and their morale is boosted. 

Ravikant shares that his group is open to people of all ages but puts special emphasis on helping older people find a new way of life. Subjects like families, health problems and other social matter are discussed in the group. He believes that people must stay committed to uplifting one another and bringing a change in others’ lives.