Shantanu Naidu works as Ratan Tata’s personal assistant and general manager of the company. He made headlines when a picture went viral of Ratan Tata celebrating his birthday with him. People suspected him of being Ratan Tata’s grandson. 

In reality, Ratan Tata, the business tycoon, has no children of his own. Shantanu’s LinkedIn profile says that he works as the general manager and assistant for the company.

Managing Ratan Tata’s overseas business

Ratan Tata is known for his welcoming and accepting nature; he is an amiable and hospitable person and treats people with kindness. It’s for this very reason that he treats Shantanu like his own son. He is an educated fellow who holds knowledge about various different topics. He is an engineer, a businessman, a writer and a social media influencer. 

Shantanu completed his education at Cornell University in America. Ratan Tata is also an alumnus of the same university. Shantanu has a long history of being in relation with the Tata company. His father and grandfathers worked for the same company and in fact, he is the fifth-generation member of his family working for the Tata group.

Startup ‘Goodfellow’

Along with working for the Tata group, Shantanu runs his own startup called ‘Goodfellows’. This startup helps senior citizens to live their life in better conditions and helps them deal with various emotional burdens. Ratan Tata made investments to support this startup. The startup’s estimated value is around Rs 5 crore. 

Working as an assistant

Ratan Tata learnt about Shantanu Naidu when the latter was running a social campaign to save Mumbai’s stray dogs. He was educating people to start making street dogs wear shiny collars so that night accidents can be prevented. 

Ratan Tata talks about these experiences in his book ‘I Came Upon a Lighthouse’. He read articles about him and as an animal lover, was impressed to see him working in the service of animals. That’s when Ratan Tata decided to give him the job of his assistant. He not only enjoys having interesting conversations with him but they also work on important social matters together.