Deepika Goyal, a resident of Vaishali Nagar, Rajasthan, has achieved a remarkable feat. She recited the Hanuman Chalisa in an incredibly short time, completing it in one minute, one second, and forty milliseconds. She credits her success to yoga. In recognition of her unique achievement, Deepika has been awarded a medal and certificate by the India Book of Records.

Setting a new record

Deepika practices yoga daily, which has given her complete control over her breath. She started practicing yoga at a young age and has continued ever since. Deepika used to recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly to her parents during her childhood, and now, after marriage, she recites Hanuman Chalisa at her in-laws’ house. Her proficiency has grown to the point where she can now recite it in just one minute.


Benefits of Yoga

Deepika shares that she could accomplish this feat because of her diligent dedication. She explains that continuous practice of anulom-vilom helped her regulate her breath. This simple breathing technique is widely recognized to calm the mind and promote mental agility. Deepika, initially, needed to take two or three breaths to complete the recitation. She now plans to memorize and recite more religious texts in a similar manner.