Nancy Tyagi hails from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. After completing class 12, she relocated to Delhi to prepare for the UPSC exam. At the time, no one could have predicted that she would one day make waves at the Cannes Film Festival. A journey that had begun with UPSC dreams turned into hopes of becoming a global fashion influencer. 

When Nancy arrived in Delhi to receive UPSC coaching, the pandemic hit, and nationwide lockdown was announced. To make use of her free time, she took to designing her clothes. 

Journey to Cannes

During her UPSC preparation in Delhi, Nancy Tyagi began recreating looks of actresses on social media. Her newfound interest in designing clothes prompted her to fully commit to this creative expression. Gradually, she transitioned from being a UPSC aspirant to a fashion influencer. 

Today, she’s making waves at the Cannes Film Festival, showcasing her very own designs. Her outfits are earning praise from Bollywood stars and other fashion influencers around the world. 


Nancy Tyagi’s debut outfit at the film festival became the talk of the town. She looked absolutely stunning in her baby pink ruffled gown that she designed herself. In another stunning look, she wore a beautiful lavender and silver saree, for which she earned immense praise.

A young achiever

Nancy Tyagi recently shared a video on her Instagram account where she showed the entire process of her designing the outfit. She showed her viewers how she bought the fabric and meticulously embroidered it. Remarkably, she is just 23 years old and people are impressed by her talent as a young designer. After earning international recognition, Nancy Tyagi has now returned to India.