Munger: Over the years, with the increase of the population, the employment opportunities have decreased, and the survival has become extremely excruciating. Bihar’s Sonu Kumar, too, found himself unable to find a job after completing his graduation. His family’s financial condition was not good, and it became all the more important to immediately find a living for himself. 

After his futile attempts to search for a job, he gave up the idea of working for someone else and decided to open a tea shop instead. He named his tea shop after his degree, ‘BA Pass Chaiwala’. This amusing name attracts customers and helps him run his family with a decent living. 

Financial problems

Sonu looked for a job for months which turned into years. The struggle was discouraging, and he was losing hope. At a point, employers started rejecting his applications because of his age. It was difficult to explain his unemployment gaps to the recruiters because of which he never got selected. 

The financial problems of his household were increasing, and he needed to take a step. 

Giving tuition classes
During his unemployment, Sonu taught school children while himself preparing for the competitive exams. The earnings from his tuition classes were not enough to survive on. 

The use of a unique name

Finally, Sonu had the idea of opening a tea shop. His first shop was opened near the Kharagpur-Tarapur main road. He named the shop after his degree. People found the name of his tea shop interesting and bought his tea out of curiosity. 

Tea of many flavours

The success of his tea shop has attracted customers from all over the city and journalists have interviewed him to about his life story. 

Sonu sells tea mainly in five different flavours: normal, ginger cardamom, tulsi and masala flavoured tea. He wishes to add more flavours to his menu after collecting some funds. The prices on his menu are fairly low, making it easier for everyone to afford it. 

During the time of shivratri, a Hindu festival, he also does social work by distributing free water to the kanwariyas (pilgrims).