Maharashtra: As soon as people heard the news of Misbah’s qualification for NEET, a crowd of well-wishers gathered outside her house to congratulate her. It was a true moment of celebration, and her family took immense pride in Misbah’s accomplishments. Relatives and friends reached out to her parents with calls and messages of joy. This wasn’t just an academic achievement; it was a ray of hope for a better life for her entire family. 

Who is Misbah?

Misbah’s father Anwar Khan works at a puncture shop at Mujahid Chowk in Jalna city. He works on daily wages while making motorcycle punctures. Misbah’s mother is a homemaker. She has three siblings. Her elder sister was a bright student and wanted to pursue higher studies but in 2018, Anwar met with an accident, and it became difficult to run the household. The eldest daughter missed her studies, and she was married off. Misbah’s brother is pursuing graduation in commerce.

Favourite subject

Misbah always secured first position in her school. Despite the problems at home, she would study tirelessly day and night. She worked with the purpose of becoming a doctor to improve her family’s condition. In grade 10, she secured 92 percent marks and 86 percent in grade 12. She was clear about her goals from the very beginning, and this helped her secure impressive 633 marks out of 720 in the NEET examination. Misbah shares that Biology has always been her favourite subject and that is why she wants to pursue a career in the medical field.

Motivation from teachers

When Misbah told her father about her desire to enrol in coaching classes to appear for the NEET exams, it made him worried, and he contemplated about the coaching and its fees. Misbah understood her father’s situation and scoured the internet to search for something helpful. In her research she found out about free coaching classes for NEET. 

Misbah learned about Ankush’s free coaching classes for poor children. She studied at this centre in Jalna for two and a half years. She shares that her teacher, Ankush sir was a huge source of inspiration, who constantly encouraged her to do better. It was due to her teacher’s unrelenting support that Misbah could work towards her dreams. 

Condition of the household

Misbah’s father earns Rs 12 to 15 thousand in a month which is not sufficient to run their family. He is 53 and has been doing the same puncture work for the past 30 years. Misbah’s brothers try to help their father, but he refuses their help on the grounds that they must focus on their studies instead. Misbah’s elder sister was married off after the discontinuation of her studies. The whole family lives in a one-room house, that too belongs to Misbah’s grandfather. 

Desire to become a doctor

Misbah aspires to become a doctor after completing her MBBS. She wants to dedicate her life in the service of people. She has seen the life of poverty and therefore, she wishes to become independent enough to be of help to other people. Despite all the financial issues, her father never let his kids go hungry. Misbah credits her success to her parents and teachers who never wavered to provide her with their support.