Mumbai: When Manoj Kumar Sharma failed in class 12th, he was wrapped in gloom and disappointment about his failure. But he decided not to give up. Listening to his relatives’ scorn only motivated him to do exceptional in his future studies. 

He studied during nights and not only cleared his class 12th but went on the become a civil officer by clearing his UPSC exam after his graduation. His story is full of ups and downs, failures and achieving success eventually. 

After becoming an IPS officer, he wrote and published a book named ‘A failure of class 12th’.

Passing with low grades

Growing up, Manoj was not exceptionally bright as a student. He was extremely hard working but was not sure why he could not come at the top of the class. As a young kid, he aspired to become an IPS officer. When he failed class 12th, he became incredibly sad and thought his dreams would never come true. But he had estimated his capabilities. 

His friends made fun of him, and everyone considered him a weak student. He was disheartened to the point that he even shied away from telling people about his dream. But something that never failed was Manoj’s determination. He had set his hopes high, and he decided not to give up despite everything. 

Journey to becoming an IPS officer

Manoj’s life was entangled with the struggles of poverty. He worked as a driver when he was 18 and could not afford to have a roof over his head. He did various menial jobs and in one of them he worked as a peon at a library. 

He used this opportunity to his advantage and read biographies of many celebrated international figures. When he read about other’s life stories, he got inspired to pursue his dream again. 

Achieving the dream

Manoj gives the credit of his success to his friend Shradhha. She was also his love interest back in school. Manoj was faithful and wanted to fulfil everyone’s expectations of him. He was studying for the UPSC exams while doing his graduation and a job. He did not receive fruitful results immediately but with constant preparation he was able to clear the exam in his fourth attempt. 

Manoj Kumar Sharma accepted the position of an IPS officer making all his loved ones feel proud of himself. He even went on to write a book about his life story to inspire other people and to give them a lesson that life is more than your grades.