Rai Bareilly: Kaushalesh Mishra employs some interesting teaching methods in his classrooms. He understands the needs of the students and does not hesitate to fulfil them. Recently, a video of his went viral on the internet; he was seen teaching dance moves to his students. The enthusiastic students were jumping with joy.

Who is Kaushalesh Mishra

Kaushalesh, a resident of Bareilly, lives with his mother. His father passed away a few years ago. He holds several degrees like B.Com, B.PEd, and BTC. In the year 2020, he was offered a position as a teacher at Murar Mau Primary School in Unchahar, and since then he has been working there.

Receiving calls for dance choreography

Kaushalesh teaches all subjects to his students in primary classes. He mentions that the students don’t have a scheduled period for dance classes in their timetables, but he realizes that it is important for their overall growth. 

The school’s staff is really small which includes, a headmaster, a teacher and an assistant teacher. Kaushalesh works as a teacher at the school. Apart from their studies, he makes sure to involve his students in physical activities. He teaches them dancing skills, aerobics and art & craft. 

More than studies, the students look forward to their fun time during the school day. Kaushalesh aims to help them gain confidence about their personalities.

He is not aware as to who shared his video on the internet but after that he started receiving many calls for interviews and choreography lessons. 

Making a difference

Primary schools in village areas are infamous for poor infrastructure and lack of teaching staff. Reports about theft are also constantly heard. But Kaushalesh shares that his school stands apart from all other schools. 

He teaches his students in a way that they are prompted to come to school of their own volition. They don’t consider their education a burden and attend their classes with a positive attitude.

Kaushalesh nurtures a good attitude and confidence in them. He allows his students to express themselves fully without any fear. 

Along with the physical activities, environment awareness programmes are also organized in the school. Kaushalesh teaches them to respect their surroundings by keeping them clean and hygienic. 

A fun learning method

Kaushalesh asserts that it is important to prepare children in such a way that they are ready to face the world. A good positive attitude must be instilled in them to make them better citizens of the country. Education should be full of fun instead of being a burden. 

He makes use of creative things to teach maths to his students. They learn about various shapes through drawings, cubes and balls. These activities help the school maintain a good attendance record.