Jaipur: Environmental degradation is on the rise and people are still not making efforts to build a plastic free society. Governments change but the sight of the roads remain the same. The street corners are covered with piles of trash and reek from a mile away. 

The government of India banned the use of ‘single use plastic’ in the year 2022 but the change has not been observed since then. These single use plastics are sold and used in the markets unashamedly. But this bleak condition can be improved if more people like Kanaram put in effort to make change.

Buy things in exchange of plastic

 Kanaram lives in Mewada Bisalpur village of Pali district in Rajasthan. He runs a tea stall and is known as Kanji Chaiwala among the villagers. He has employed an innovative idea where he accepts bundles of single-use-plastic and returns items like plants, pots, pens, pencils, notebooks, geometry boxes, soap bars, oil, sugar etc in exchange. 

Kanaram’s idea has urged people to collect their plastics responsibly and help him recycle them. 


Kanaram has been involved in social work for many years. He discussed about these environmental concerns with another village, Dilip Kumar Danmalji, who motivated him to actually turn his idea into reality. 

The collected plastic is sent to the recycling plants. At first, he used to upcycle plastic into household items. He could also provide employment to a few people, but that project could not last long. Recycling the plastic seemed more sustainable. 

Educating people and children

Initially, Kanaram’s scheme was such that he used to give one kilogram of sugar in exchange of one kilogram of plastic. But he was experiencing a loss in that. Now, according to the cost of Rs 20-25 per kilogram of plastic, an item of similar value is given to the customers.  

Kanaram also educates children in schools about the importance of preserving their natural environment. He teaches them about the degradation that occurs because of detrimental effects of the usage of plastic. 

No support from family

When Kanaram shared this idea with his family, he did not receive any support from them. His family members were worried about him experiencing loss in his work. Kanaram was a bit discouraged but continued with his work. 

After six months, he suddenly fell ill and had to be admitted in the hospital. His family warned him that he must find another work as his body had become weaker. But Kanaram persisted; once he was able to gain the confidence of the customers, the villagers started praising him for his efforts and his family also started supporting him. 

Working to set up a recycling plant in the village

Kanaram has the support of the entire village with him. He only collects 3-4 quintals of plastic in one month and does not earn a profit from selling it at the recycling plants.

At the moment, there are plans of setting up a recycling plant in his village which would save him the cost of his trip to other recycling plants.