Gorakhpur: Defeating all the hardships of life, Yashi Kumari accomplished her dreams by achieving astonishing results in the country’s NEET exams. She suffers from a physical disability, but she does not let it present any hurdles to soar high in the sky. Let’s find out what inspires Yashi to do her best. 

Qualifying for NEET in first attempt

Yashi Singh is a resident of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. She completed her class 10th from Little Flower School, Gorakhpur with 94 percent marks and class 12th from the Reliance Academy. Her father works as an auto rickshaw driver. She has three siblings. After class 10th, Yashi was sent to Kota, Rajasthan for her NEET coaching. 

Yashi was dedicated to her studies, and her hard work paid off when she secured a place in the merit list in her very first attempt in the NEET exams. She got an admission in the country’s oldest medical college in Kolkata in the MBBS course. Her father shares that Yashi has always been exceptional in her studies. She always came first in her class and made her parents feel proud of her. However, she sometimes got disheartened when her teachers did not let her participate in physical activities because of her disability. 

Cerebral Palsy

Yashi was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in her early childhood. It is a neurological disorder that affects a person’s ability to move. Yashi’s right hand and leg are severely affected, and the disorder prevents her from moving those parts. 

Her father did not earn much from his work, but he never made Yashi feel that something was lacking. She always had the support of her parents who always held her back in times of difficulties.
Receiving treatment

Yashi’s illness became apparent in class 3. Her father, Manoj recalls that he felt a bit disheartened upon learning that there was no cure for her illness. Earlier, Yashi had limited mobility on her body, but over the years her condition has improved and now she can stand on her own feet. 

Dr Jitendra Kumar Jain from Prayagraj was first consulted for Yashi’s treatment. According to him, he had never observed anyone else make improvements in conditions like cerebral palsy, but Yashi had learned to control her body through sheer willpower. Dr Jain was also responsible for encouraging her to pursue NEET. His motivation and support played a pivotal role in Yashi’s success. 

Discouragement from people

Manoj shares that when people learned about his daughter’s illness, they started making fun of her disability. A lot of times, their hurtful comment would bring tears to Yashi’s eyes and Manoj felt helpless at not being able to cure her daughter’s disability. However, despite all the mental trauma, Yashi never wavered from her strong commitment to her studies. 

Today, Yashi’s achievements stand as a testament to her abilities that are beyond comprehension for people who mocked her. Any kind of discouragement does not bother her anymore and she has learned to be self-reliant. Yashi aspires to become a doctor in the near future.