Satyaprakash is a resident of Ishwarpur village of Banaras. He is currently enrolled in a PhD programme at the prestigious university BHU and lives in the college’s hostel. His father, Phoolchand, works as a government teacher and his mother, Meera Devi is a housewife. 

Satyaprakash has been blind since his birth. Due to his disability, he was always treated differently. Satyaprakash never liked it and felt helpless to overcome his physical shortcomings. When he expressed his desire of becoming a businessman, he was strongly opposed by his father. His father was worried about his well being and feared that his blindness might come in the way. 

Overcoming his physical impediments, Satyaprakash became determined to open his business. 

Motivation from public’s feedback

A hundred ideas bloomed in Satyaprakash’s mind before he decided to start the business of selling spices. He tried to sell candles, and books but the results were not fruitful. He was aware that India is a country of spices and it’s a basic necessity in everybody’s home. 

Satyaprakash took help from his friend and teacher and with the investment of Rs 2.5 lakhs, he bought some machinery and raw materials. He employed local village women and started preparing his products. 

He sent his first few products to his relatives and friends and received positive response from them. His well-wishers encouraged him to continue with his spice business. He started devoting all his time in expansion of his business.

Awarded for his work

After the launch of his website ‘’ his business grew exponentially. The products were promoted on social media and within a span of a few months, Satyaprakash was selling thousands of his products. 

Satyaprakash was invited to attend events to showcase his products in exhibitions and fairs. He was felicitated with various awards for being a promising entrepreneur. 

Growth of the business

Satyaprakash was invited to set up stalls at the Investor Summit. He came in contact with many investors who wanted to invest in his company after being impressed by his work. 

Although he is blind, Satyaprakash never lets his blindness come in the way of his dreams. His aspirations are too big to be limited by a disability. He shares that he can feel the love he is receiving from everyone and feels grateful for all the appreciation. 

He gives credit for his success to the farmers he works with. He says that he is only exporting the hard work of these farmers to other states. He gains his customers’ trust because these farmers work tirelessly in their fields. 

The annual turnover of Satyaprakash’s company is currently Rs 3 lakh.