Pratapgarh: Vineet Dubey and Priyanshu Maurya, who completed their class 10th from Government High School, Lohang Patti, are set to embark on a one-week education journey to Japan. The school is bustling with these topics of discussion. What makes it even more special is that the very same government school, where only a handful of students enrolled just two years ago, has now garnered recognition for the district. The principal of the school Dr Rajendra Kumar shares that three students from his school secured top positions in the district board exams. 

Making records in the district

The school was established in the year 2011. Dr Rajendra Kumar took on the role of the principal in 2020. Before his appointment, only 4-5 students used to attend the school, after he assumed the role of the principal, a massive transformation occurred.

Dr Rajendra ignited the passion for education within the community, raising awareness among parents and motivating children to pursue their studies. The results he has achieved in just three years is in itself a source of inspiration. Initially, parents used to hesitate to send their kids to schools, but today, this mentality has changed, and the school stands as a shining example in the district, a testament to the power of determination and education. 

The connecting roads

The school is located on the banks of Chamraudha river, and it is quite challenging to reach the school. The village is not very well connected to the cities and is surrounded by dense bushes. Two years ago, the strength of the school was 2. The change was brought after Dr Rajendra took charge of the school. The school’s miserable condition was transformed in just under three years.

Using modern methods

Refraining from employing traditional methods of education, Dr Rajendra has made use of methods that reap most benefits. Special attention is given to subjects that are difficult and are taught for longer periods. The emphasis remains on subjects like maths, science and English. Teachers stay connected with parents to ensure better overall attendance of the school. As a result, regular attendance remains at 95 to 96 percent. Dr Rajendra was awarded on Teacher’s Day for his contributions in field of education. 

Focus on weak students

Dr Rajendra is aware that the society cannot benefit if all the attention is given to students that are already bright. Weak points of all students should be assessed in order to create a curriculum that everyone can benefit from. In his school, 2-3 tests are conducted regularly to assess the students’ understanding of subjects. 

State level merit list

Under a scheme organized by the Government of India, selection was done for 60 students on the state level to send them for educational tours to Japan. Two of these students are Vineet Dubey and Priyanshu Maurya; they passed class 10th from Dr Rajendra’s school. Presently, they are class 11th students and study at Government Inter College, Shukulpur. They will visit Japan in the month of December.

Priyanshu’s job after school hours

Priyanshu’s father works as a labourer. His elder brother is a student of BSc student; his younger sister is a class 7 student. The condition of the house is extremely poor, and Priyanshu contributes his bit by selling vegetables on a handcart after school hours. 

Vineet’s family

Vineet Dubey’s father works in a private company in Rajasthan. Vineet lives with his mother, Kalpana Dubey and brother, Vivek Dubey. His younger brother studies at the same school. Kalpana takes the responsibility of guiding her children after school hours.