Ludhiana: Satinder Kaur is an epitome of dedication and resilience. She completed her studies with the help of education loans and worked diligently in the private sector for six years to repay the loan. Clearing the UPSC exam was her dream and she prepared for the examinations for four years. Finally, Satinder accomplished her dream in 2020 UPSC exams. 


Satinder Kaur is a resident of Dugir, Ludhiana. She completed her schooling from Shastri Nagar. She earned a B. Tech degree in Electronics and Communications from Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology. Then she moved to Delhi to pursue MBA. She gave her first attempt at 2011 UPSC examination but could not succeed. She didn’t let the initial setback deter her dreams.

Repaying the education loan

Satinder resumed with her preparations after experiencing her first failure. Meanwhile, she also needed to repay her education loan, so she took up a job in the private sector. She worked in various companies till 2017. 

Satinder’s marriage to Dhruv Sharma in 2015 marked a turning point in her journey. She received unwavering support from her husband. Her husband encouraged her to leave her private job to fully concentrate on the preparation for the exams.  

She continued giving her best at it and could achieve the desired results in her fourth attempt. 


Satinder Kaur had taken an education loan for completing her MBA. Therefore, she worked in advertising companies for six years to repay that loan. Her first few futile attempts at the exam were disheartening but she did not give up. She could not even clear the prelims in her first two attempts and after making it to the interview round in her third attempt, she could not secure good marks. 

Her relentless dedication and multiple attempts at the UPSC exams finally led to her success in the UPSC 2020 exams. 

Financial constraints

Financial difficulties and the lack of guidance posed significant obstacles. She grew up in an environment where traditional career paths for girls like teaching and banking were encouraged. But she was determined to create her own path by breaking all the traditional barriers. 

Satinder shares that the immense support from her husband played a pivotal role in her pursuit of this dream. 

Health issues

Satinder struggled with health issues during her examinations. These problems added to her challenges and made her worry. Despite such difficulties, Satinder remained focused and dedicated to her goal. She put the uncertainties aside and focused on her preparation. 

Her perseverance ultimately paid off when she succeeded in the UPSC 2020 examination, showcasing her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.