Faridkot: There are not many people who care about the wellbeing of animals and birds. People irresponsibly throw plastic bags on roads and seas, use dangerous glass wires to fly their kites making it impossible to survive for mute animals and birds. Faridkot’s Gurpreet Singh is aware of these hazards and has taken on the responsibility of making world a better place for birds. 

Gurpreet started off as a campaign and now runs a society under the name ‘Bird’s Environment and Earth Reviving Hands Society’. Gurpreet had studied about endangered species of birds and wanted to rebuild a safe environment for them. 
He does so by installing bird houses in various areas. So far, he has installed more than 30 thousand bird houses in different cities, along with which he has planted lakhs of saplings to create a habitat where these species can be nurtured properly. 

Bird photography
From his younger days, Gurpreet would grab his camera to go out and click pictures of birds. Bird watching was his hobby and from there he inculcated the idea of saving the endangered species of birds. He started reading books about the birds that had gone instinct and learned about the causes. He was not surprised to learn that thousands of birds went instinct due to humans destroying their natural habitats. 

Gurpreet became resolute to create a safe and better environment for his sky-friends. He started by making clay nests in trees to invite birds to make their homes. He planted trees that would benefit these endangered species, like peepal, neem and bohor trees. 

The return of the birds
Gurpreet built these bird houses in the year 2007. He was aware that this was going to be a game of patience. But he kept his hopes high and observed changes some three years later. Fast forwarding 16 years, he found that almost 15 species of birds that were declared to be going extinct started reappearing in his bird houses.
That was a moment of celebration, he had managed to bring these birds back to their original habitats. 

Gurpreet’s bird society
Gurpreet is a responsible companion for these birds. He has been able to educate people on these concerns. An idea that emerged from his own house, has now been spread over to thousands of houses in different cities. 

His earlier designs of wooden birdhouses were a bit expensive, so the designs were changed into more affordable clay bird nests. Almost 80 percent of these nests are homes for these birds. 

Gurpreet believes that more than the birdhouses it is essential to create an environment where we don’t sacrifice the lives of these beautiful creatures. Everyone must realize their responsibility to create safe places for animals and birds.