The success story of Ashok Khade unfolds like a film. He has a typical rags-to-riches story. At present, he is an industrialist from Mumbai, who in the earlier stages of his life had to spend his nights on footpaths. 

Most days he could not afford himself a meal and lived off Rs 90 a month that he received as pay from his work. Now, he is a successful billionaire businessman with thousands of people working for him. The value of his company is more than Rs 500 crore.
Opening scenes

Plagued by a life of poverty, every day was full of struggle for Ashok. There were days when his father only brought water home after his day’s work. His family would go to sleep without having eaten anything the whole day. To improve the condition of the family, his father moved to Mumbai in search of work, but he only faced disappointments.

The lead finds the inspiration

Despite all the hardships, Ashok Khade never discontinued his studies. The government school’s free education programmes helped him to continue his studies. 

Growing up Ashok had seen his father struggle both physically and emotionally from the stress, so in his teenage years, he decided to use education as his best tool to end his family’s poverty. 

Ashok’s elder brother got a menial job and urged him to take admitted to a college, assuring him that he will provide him with financial aid. The whole family had put their faith in Ashok, expecting him to study enough to help them lead a better life.

The villainy of obstacles

Ashok never lost sight of his dreams and continued with his hard work. He taught school students to support his education financially. After completing his diploma in education, he was hired to work as a trainee. He was only earning a very small amount of Rs 90 a month. 

But Ashok kept persevering and during his traineeship, learned the skills of ship designing and painting. 

Fight for his dreams

Ashok put his ship-designing skills to use and got a job as a draftsman. His salary was increased to Rs. 300 a month when he was promoted to a permanent position. While working for the control department of the company, he was required to travel to Germany for work where he found himself learning about new German technology. 

The climax and success

In his short trip to Germany, Ashok Khade learned as much as he could. This time he was optimistic about accomplishing his dreams. He made the decision of starting his own business and with no second thoughts, implemented his acquired knowledge from Germany and established Das Offshore Engineering Pvt Ltd. 

Some losses occurred at the beginning of his business, but Ashok was able to bounce back. Gradually and eventually, he turned his little company into the big empire that it is now. His company works for and in collaboration with ONGC, Essar, Hyundai, L&T and many other.