Lucknow: Indians are renowned globally for their exceptional intellect. Indians work in foreign countries as expats and bring glory to their nations. In Japan, Indians are often praised with the phrase ‘atama ga ii ne’, which translates to ‘you are pretty smart’. 

While Indians have achieved excellence in various fields, not significant feats have been made in social media applications. Lucknow’s Yash Srivastav understood the situation and launched his own social media platform. He created an application ‘Feeding Trends’ along with his friends Shekhar Gupta and Mohammad Fahad. 

Application’s launch

Yash Srivastav did his computer science engineering from Babu Banarasi Das University (BBD) in 2017. He created the application with his friends and launched it in September 2020. The testing lasted for one and a half years. Presently, the application boasts of 20 thousand users with approximately 2 crore readerships. Yash and his friends work with a team of 30 people. According to them, they are continuing to grow profits. 

Collaborated works

Since his college days, Yash was driven to establish own business. In the past, when he worked with a film making startup, he understood all the nuances of the content producing industry. He became excited to establish his own business. 

Yash studied the social media trends and decided to launch his application. The thought of competing with the multimillionaire company Facebook seemed impossible then. But he had nurtured his dream for so long and did not want to give up on that. 

Convincing the family

When Yash expressed his desire of opening his own startup, he did not receive any support from his family in particular. He was presented with two conditions that the family would not give any monetary help and secondly, if he fails in his first startup, he will have to recover from the losses on his own. It took almost him two years to establish a strong foundation for his startup. The family felt relieved when Yash’s work started earning recognition.

Struggles in the pandemic

Before the pandemic, Yash was working with a team of 25 people in an office in Lucknow. When the pandemic hit, people gave up on the project, and Yash was left working with 2 other people. His employees had no other choice than quitting from the projects as Yash could no longer pay them salaries. 


In the national level competition ‘Chunauti’, Yash Srivastav’s team secured the first position. His startup was included in Goa’s list of Top 10 Tourism Startups. His team has also received UP Brand Leadership Award. Yash wants his application Feeding Trends to be recognized as a hub of educational content. 

Making money with blogging

India is culturally and linguistically diverse; it is a land of traditions and languages. Artificial intelligence has been used in the making of this application which allows the users to create their contents more efficiently and also helps them in earning money. 

According to Yash, a new feature will be added where it will enable the users to add content in any language of their choice. At the moment, people can also form communities and contribute to each other’s content. Yash shares that in near future, the revenue model will be improved.