Ajmer: To revive the old times and reduce the usage of plastic in our everyday lives, Shobhit Soni opened a company to make kulhads. Kulhads are small sized glasses made from clay soil. They are biodegradable and cause no harm to the environment. 

Shobhit came up with this idea during his college days. He shares that, a few decades ago the use of Kulhads was as common as the seeing the trash piles on roads today. There is no need to recycle these Kulhads like plastic and if they break, they can be used again to make new ones; these kulhad glasses can also decompose easily in the soil. 

Shobhit had assessed the market quite attentively. He doesn’t like the sight where the normal glasses or disposable glasses are kept in unhygienic conditions and customers are served their drinks in the same glasses. During the pandemic, he decided to actively execute his idea.


Shobhit Soni lives in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He has done engineering in computer science. He also holds a degree in MBA in International Business. In the year 2019, after the completion of his studies, he launched a brand ‘Cutting Meri Wali Chai’. He used to buy kulhad glasses from other vendors but due to excessive breakage he experienced a lot of loss in his business. 

In 2020, he decided to launch a company where he would produce his own kulhad glasses. Machines were bought, and the manufacturing began. So far, Shobhit has been able to set up small manufacturing plants in different cities all over the country. He is currently operating 40-42 manufacturing plants. 

Kulhad tea at Rs 10

Shobhit also has a diploma in ‘Tea Tasting and Blending’. Being an MBA student, he has studied the tea market intensively. During his study, he realized that people like buying good quality tea at less rates. And that’s exactly what Shobhit implemented in his company. He opened handcarts or movable makeshift tea shops that sell tea in his kulhad glasses at Rs 10. 

A turnover of 2.5 crore

Shobhit could not make his business touch the skies of success in an instant. He had to be patient with his venture. Initially, after the establishment of the plants, he experienced a lot of loss. With his perseverance, he was able to recover from the losses. Now, he works closely with the governments of Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu. His company also provides 10 days of training for 6 lakhs to the manufacturers. 

He shares that all of his plants are operating well and the information about them will be added on the online platforms. They receive their orders on the application, and according to the regions, the products are packed from the nearest plants. 

Shobhit’s company is called ‘Mitti Sa’. As of now, his company has a turnover of Rs 2.5 crore.