Jaydeep Gohil became an internet sensation after he posted a video of himself dancing underwater. ‘Dancing underwater’ these words when put together sound unbelievable and rather take us into the realm of imagination. But Jaydeep’s underwater dance performances are not figments of imagination and in fact make us wonder about the amazing capabilities of humans. 

'Hydro Man'

Jaydeep is being called ‘Hydro Man’ on the internet. He performed Michael Jackson’s mesmerizing signature moonwalk under the water. Jaydeep is also famously known as ‘India’s first underwater dancer’. Dance is an art form that encompasses various emotions and moves and expresses beauty in the most skilful manner. Our talented dancer boasts the confidence of portraying these skills underwater. 

Jaydeep regularly updates his Instagram account and posts several videos for his audience. In one of the videos, he used a hashtag ‘The inventor’ (#theinventor) after which he garnered much attention to himself. There is not a single doubt that Jaydeep is, in fact, the inventor of this dance form. 


Initially, the viewers accused Jaydeep of using VFX and greenscreens to produce his video. Clarifications were made, and people realized that it was really Jaydeep performing those dance moves underwater. He received thousands of views, and the viewers appreciated his hard work. One of the viewers commented, “Amazing! Let’s dance.” Another viewer praised Jaydeep by commenting, “OMG,” while the others said, “Clean performance,” “Perfect handwork,” and “respect.”

Jaydeep has created a stir in the internet world, and he rightfully deserves all the attention. Dancing underwater is a skill only a few can attempt as it requires extremely strong stamina and immense willpower.