Renu Singhi, a 58-year-old woman from Rajasthan, is making headlines for her inspiring bicycle journeys. She defies the notion that old age comes with various physical limitations. She recently completed a rigorous 125-kilometre journey from Miao to Vijaynagar, which is considered one of the most difficult routes to cover in the country.  

During this endeavour, she was accompanied by her cycling partner Pradyuman Singh, a 61-year-old cyclist from Jodhpur. Together, they covered a distance of 340 kilometres by bicycle over five days. 


Renu Singhi and Pradhyuman Singh embarked on this cycling journey from Dibrugarh and together covered 65 kilometres each day. The roads were challenging but the two fearlessly navigated through various regions. Notably, Renu is also renowned as the Iron Lady of cycling. Presently, she serves as an advisor at Purnima University, Jaipur. 


Renu Singhi also holds the distinction of being the only Indian woman to complete the London-Edinburgh-London cycling event. In October 2021, she cycled 620 kilometres from Srinagar to Turtuk via Khardung La. Her passion for cycling at this age is truly remarkable and deserving of all the admiration.