Lucknow: Charu Khare set up an organization called ‘Asra’ in the year 2020, to help street animals and look out for them. It is commendable to note that she decided to devote her life to the service of these mute animals and think of them as her own.

She is active on social media where she makes people aware of animal cruelty and how animals should be taken care of with love and care.

Feeding the strays

Charu’s father was fond of animals and always took care of the dogs that lived in their vicinity. He made sure to feed them on time and treat their injuries if they got hurt. After her father’s demise, Charu decided to continue with this noble work. Charu is always on her toes to take an animal to the vet if they are hurt and gets them immediately treated to avoid infections. She feeds these animals and protects them from any kind of cruelty.

She mentions that it was always her father who motivated her and her siblings to take care of everyone around them. Charu was able to start the organization, built on her father’s dreams, with the help of her siblings Poorna, Rajat and Rahul.

Initially, her siblings used to save up money to spend on the care of animals. Later, they started receiving donations from various organizations

Animal adoption camps

Charu uses her social media accounts in the best way possible. She spreads awareness regarding animal cruelty and educates people to adopt desi breeds. She believes that our street dogs are just as smart and loyal as any expensive foreign breed.

She encourages people to adopt them and give them a loving, secure home. She organizes camps to promote the adoption of local breeds. To note, Charu has successfully made 1000 families find their best friends in the form of loyal dogs. A thousand street dogs living their best lives in loving homes, doesn’t that sound comforting?

Spreading more awareness

Along with the adoption, Charu focuses on the sterilization of animals. She focuses on making people aware of the consequences of non-sterilization. Non-sterilization and unhealthy diets can lead to untreatable diseases in animals. It is also done to reduce the number of homeless animals.

Till now, Charu has safely provided sterilization treatments to over a hundred dogs. Charu continues to help the mute animals, rescues them and finds them a forever home.