Lucknow: Resembling the iconic character of ‘Rancho’ from the movie ‘Three Idiots’, Avni Kumar Shukla is playing the role of a real-life game changer. In the year 2002, he used to work as a VCR and electronic items repairer. This was the period when intricacies of daily life were in constant flux. Brand new technologies were exciting, and the advent of compact phones was changing everybody’s lives. Avni had always been a tech enthusiast; he kept himself updated with all the latest and upcoming technology. 

Avni’s innovation

One day, a machine at a hospital broke down and the mechanics were called. They charged a whopping amount of Rs 2.5 lakh. Someone suggested Avni’s name, and he arrived at the hospital. He repaired the machine with minimal charges of Rs 700. Looking at his brilliancy, a person suggested him to make his own inventions to create a device for the convenience of people. 

Anti-theft device

Burglary cases were on the rise during that time in Avni’s district. This gave him the idea of making an anti-theft device to prevent these incidents from happening. In 2011-2012, he created his own GPS system. His devices were efficient, but he did not receive any support from anyone. 

Avni developed an anti-theft lock for cars. His device secures the car properly and takes pictures of the thieves who attempt to steal the car. It has an additional feature where the owner is directly and instantly informed through a call. 

Smart helmet for bikers

In 2014-2015, Avni came up with a model of smart helmet devices. This helmet has sensors to assess if the driver of the biker has consumed alcohol. If it finds a positive scale of alcohol, the bike automatically locks, preventing the case of drink and driving. There is also an anti-theft feature. 

Crop guard protection

One day, Avni witnessed a cow getting hurt by the barbed wire at the field’s boundaries. This incident motivated him to create a solution for shielding crops from animals and likewise protecting the latter from getting injured. In a matter of days, he developed an electronic device. This device not only shields the crops but also promptly sends video clips of individuals intentionally causing damage to the crops to the farmer’s mobile phone within five minutes. 

Keeping the animals away

According to Avni, this device features an image-processing camera powered by solar energy. Whenever an animal enters the field, the device emits a loud gunshot-like sound and lights up the area. This creates confusion for the animals, and they immediately flee from the fields. However, if the animals stay in the field, the information is sent to the farmers. 

The device can be used on one acre of land and is highly effective. It is made in a such a way that if someone tries to steal the equipment, it gives the thief an electric shock. It also has a GPS installed, due which the location can be known instantly. 

Safe child device

Last year in Kushinagar, a school van met with a terrible accident at an unmanned railway crossing. Most of the students died while some suffered from severe injuries. Considering this incident, Avni developed a safe child device to ensure children’s safety. Mishaps are instantly reported to the schools and parents, prompting them to take immediate actions. 

Soon, cameras will also be installed in the buses through which parents will be able to watch their children live while boarding the bus. Some additional features will also allow the parents to have a conversation with the driver.

Anti sleep device for passengers’ safety

Hundreds of accidents on Agra Expressway are reported every year. The primary cause involves sleep deprivation. This is a serious issue and should be solved promptly. Reducing working hours of the drivers is an essential first step. To resolve the issue, Avni has made an anti-sleep device. Sensors in the device assess the driver’s pulses and makes a sound if the driver feels sleepy. The device has been tested by Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation in some pilot projects. 

Sensor guns

During the pandemic, Avni made a sensor gun that allows a person to get sanitized just by standing near it. No physical contact is required, hence ensuring proper hygiene.