Punjab: Babbar Singh put his mechanical skills to make his handicapped friend a jeep that he could drive. Babbar’s lilliput jeep is a unique invention for which he received popularity in his town. His friend, Shakti felt helpless for not being able to do enough for his family, so Babbar went out of his way and made him a personalised jeep for encouragement. 

Making the jeep at the age of 56

Babbar Singh has worked as a motor mechanic for a major part of his life, and he runs a small mechanic shop in Mansa. He has three sons, his oldest son Harpreet Singh being 35 years old. He has passed on his skills to his sons, and they help him run the shop. 

Babbar had been fond of driving jeeps since he was a kid. And as a mechanic, he wanted to build one by himself. He got the opportunity to fulfil his dream when his friend requested him to construct a smaller sized vehicle for him. 

At most, Shakti expected Babbar to make a cart or a tricycle for his convenience. What he had not imagined was that he would ever be able to drive a vehicle like a jeep. Babbar put in all his heart to fulfil his friend’s request. 

Project completed in two months

In the year 1975, Babbar had tried to make a jeep but could not successfully complete the project. A lot of equipment were required, and he did not have enough money. But now he had all the time and money to finally complete his dream project. Earlier, Shakti used to drive a scooter but now due to his disability it became impossible for him to go anywhere with his family. 

But Babbar was determined to make a jeep for his friend’s next adventures. 

How was it constructed

Babbar collected plenty of metal sheets to construct the jeep’s body. When that was done, he added a scooter’s 100 cc motor in the vehicle along with a steering wheel from a Maruti 800. Other scrap parts were installed from Baja Motorcycle and Maruti Suzuki car. Engines were fitted and seats were added for more comfort. The jeep gives an average of 45 kilometres per litre. Rs 70,000 were spent in the making of this vehicle. 

This was quite an ambitious task, and it is needless to say that Babbar could complete this project because of his love for his friend. 

Jeep’s popularity

Once he was seen driving this jeep on the roads, people learned about his invention and the news quickly reached the media houses. He was interviewed and looking at the aesthetics and convenience of his small jeep, people started placing orders for more such vehicles. 

Babbar shares that so far, he has made over 15 jeeps for handicapped people. His jeep is a gearless vehicle allowing people with disabilities to drive with ease. 

Babbar receives orders from all of Punjab and neighbouring states like Haryana. The cost of one jeep lies approximately between 60,000 to 80,000.