Poha is one of the most eaten breakfast items all over the country. No one is claiming it to be the best breakfast item of all time, but calling it the worst also doesn't sound right; at least this is what the majority on the internet believes. 

A post made by a woman on X (formerly Twitter) has infuriated thousands of Indians all across the social media platform. The post consists of a photo of poha with the caption, "Tell me a worst breakfast than this"



The post currently has 749.7K views and over 2K comments. Calling poha the worst breakfast has assembled many Indians on the post to defend their favorite breakfast meal. 

One user wrote, "This is a VERY GOOD and HEALTHY breakfast !" highlighting the health benefits of the food item. 

"Literally every other breakfast because Poha is the best breakfast of all times," another user wrote defending poha. 

Several people left light-hearted jokes on the post, while some accused the original poster of trying to get fame and 'reach' by defaming a widely loved Indian food item. 

One person commented, "Reach chahiye inko ab … issliye poha ko badnaam kar rahi… GG," claiming that the post is made just to get reach and attention on the social media platform. 

Poha is one of the most popular food items in India. It is made of de-husked rice grains which are para-boiled and flattened with rollers. It is a healthy food and contains several health benefits and is rich in fibre aiding in digestion and weight management. 

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