Bengaluru: We have reported so many stories in which many people have used lockdown as an opportunity to redirect their lives, only to emerge more creative and victorious. 

And we continue to do so. 

Here is the story of a man who created a startup during the lockdown which now acts as a platform to artisans who can sell their work. 

Sanjog Dutta is a resident of Darjeeling, West Bengal. 

He buys products from farmers, cottage industry and others. 

His venture is indeed a double delight. While he too earns well, it is to be noted that the sellers too get to earn a lot. 

Presently, he has a very big network that works in several big cities. 

What makes anyone happy is that as he plunged headlong into the business, he has earned a decent sum of Rs 28 lakh in just 8 months. 

Sanjog did his journalism and later joined an NGO. As he joined it, he travelled to different places and met different people. He also learnt of their predicaments owing to the lockdown. Moved by them, he decided to help them out and that is when he came up with the concept. 

He says, “After hearing their pain, I started thinking that I should help them. I started wondering if I can give them a platform where these people can sell their product easily and earn some money”. 

After consulting people and his own family members, he created his own startup and named it Daammee in May last year.

He adds, “We have more than 80 types of products. These range from attire, catering to decor and maintenance items. In terms of food items, there are different types of pickles, Chinese sausage (lap chong), smoked pork, mutton pickle, exon (kinma), churpi cheese (traditional cheese eaten in the Himalayan region) and glass products. They mainly bring these products from Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Kurseong. The special thing is that all these products are made by small local artisans”.