Bengaluru: Yana Mirchandani, a Kashmiri Muslim, has ripped apart the secular brigade on the issue of abrogation of articles 370 and 35A and exposed its hypocrisy. 

“Needs of Kashmiris not getting affected by abrogation”

Speaking her mind on these issues, she says that the locals in J&K are very happy as their needs like education for their kids among others are not getting affected by abrogation. She also adds that it is the dynasts (politicians) who are actually not happy with the move to rescind the articles. 

“People of Kashmir want better education for their kids” 

Reiterating that the people of J&K have the same aspirations as those people in the rest of India, Yana adds that education for the kids, a secure future top their charts. 

“Everything is normal now” 

Markets are open, schools colleges are open, everyone is free to walk out of their houses, there is no curfew, the Jamia Masjid was closed for prayers, but now it is open. There is nothing that is abnormal. There has been a lot of peace. No invoking and inciting has taken place now. Mass protesting has also stopped. All these things were the normal before. But now Kashmir is looking at more peace. 

“Internet restrictions were justified”

Internet restrictions were justified. Look at how confusion is being spread over CAA and NRC in other parts of the country. It is spreading like a domino effect due to the internet. As the confusions spread in Kashmir, people were getting killed unlike in other parts of India. 

“A section of Indian Muslims doesn’t stand up for national anthem” 

There is a section of Muslims in rest of India also who don’t stand up for national anthem, don’t like to sing Vande Mataram. Acts like these will only encourage anti-national Muslim community in India. 

“People of state want it to prosper like Maharashtra, Gujarat” 

Hurriyat has lost its power and the section that wants Kashmiri Muslims to be a part of Pakistan. The other section of Kashmiris feel they need to be independent. Now that 370 has been abrogated, they want J&K to prosper like Maharashtra and Gujarat. They want to have security. 

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