Bengaluru: With his characteristic aplomb, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dismantled the opposition during his speech at the Lok Sabha on Thursday (February 6).

The first leader who was at the receiving end was former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi.  

He said, "I was hearing the remark made by one of the Congress leaders that I will be lathi-charged within a few months. I have been ‘Gaali proof’ after hearing so much abuse. Now, I will do Surya Namaskar for six months and toughen myself up to bear the blows. I am humbled that they have announced it beforehand so now I will exercise and make myself fit for it."

It is interesting to note that Rahul Gandhi had also mocked PM over his yoga video, trying to correlate it to the economy, but had only ended up failing badly. 

Next, the PM detailed all the schemes his government had brought in to help make the lives of the citizens better. 

He said, “Stand up India, Start up India, Mudra- they are adding prosperity in the lives of many. Substantial number of the Mudra beneficiaries are women.”

On the historic Bodo Accord, the PM said, “The Bodo Accord signed now is special because it has brought all stakeholders together and we are moving towards a more peaceful era.”

Underlining the importance of solving problems in the country, the PM added, “India can no longer wait for problems to remain unsolved. And, rightfully so. That is why, our aim is speed and scale, determination and decisiveness.” 

On the issues of setting up of Ram Mandir trust and other such issues, he said, “If we worked as per the old ways, Ram Janmabhoomi issue would have remained unsolved, Kartarpur Sahib corridor would not be a reality, there would be no India-Bangladesh land agreement.”

He also said, “Had we walked on your path, abrogation of Article 370, ban on triple talaq would not have been possible.” 

However, the hardest punch had been reserved for the last.  And it was Rahul Gandhi who received it! 

As Rahul Gandhi stood up after 30 minutes of PM addressing the house, the PM remarked, 

"Some tube lights work like this.” 

The reference was how Rahul Gandhi as so late in in responding to his speech.