Bengaluru: Sumalatha, the wife of late Ambareesh, an actor-turned-politician, is contesting the Lok Sabha polls from Mandya. Two prominent Sandalwood actors Yash and Darshan have openly declared their support to her and have actively campaigned. While Sumalatha expects more Sandalwood celebrities to throw their weight behind her in the coming days, Sudeep, another hero from the same industry has shocked her, saying he would keep himself aloof from all political-related activities in Mandya.

The actor's decision to isolate himself from canvassing has set a lot of tongues wagging.

The chief reason that many cite is the presence of none other than Darshan himself. And it merits to mention that Darshan and Sudeep do not have any friendly feelings for each other. In fact, the two had an open spat on Twitter earlier, openly expressing their aversion for each other.

The other reason is Sudeep may have taken offence to an earlier statement of Sumalatha. She had said that Yash and Darshan are like her elder sons. It is speculated that Sudeep was indignant at the fact that Sumalatha refused to see him as her son.

Putting an end to all speculations, Manjunath Gowda, Sudeep’s manager said, “It is due to the compulsion of fans that he has decided not to campaign for anyone. Moreover, the families of both Sumalatha and Deve Gowda are close to him. By talking in favour of one of them, he will only be inviting unnecessary trouble, which he wants to avoid.”

In 2018, when the Karnataka state Assembly elections were held, Sudeep had extensively canvassed for Raju Gowda, who also happens to be dear to his heart. But during the same time, it must be noted that a myriad of Sudeep’s fans approached him and sought him to remain apolitical. In other words, they asked him not to campaign for any political party.