Bengaluru: China’s decision to raze down mosques and build public toilets in their places is a sad commentary on how that nation inflicts pain on its people, especially Uighurs. 

The move is also seen as a deliberate attempt to hurt this minority Muslim community as they continue to live in fear and intimidation. 

Members of the Uighur community in China are forced into harsh labour, are made to live in abominable conditions and if reports are to be believed, they are even made to eat pork and drink alcohol. 


But one must also note that China is infamous for treating not just its Uighurs badly, but also the minority Christians. 

So that makes it clear that religious oppression and subjugation are the norm in this country! 

Last month, Daily Mail had revealed that the Chinese were forcing Christians to replace images of Jesus Christ and crosses with that of Chairman Mao and President Xi Jinping or risk losing welfare benefits.

To tell you what Radio Free Asia had quoted then: “Authorities in-charge of religious affairs in Huainan, another Chinese province, allegedly forcibly barged into the local Shiwan Christ Church and destroyed its cross. The officials had asked the church to remove its cross a week earlier.”
Furthermore, it said: “When the Chinese officials arrived at the location to dismantle the cross, they faced stiff resistance from dozens of believers, who had gathered to stop the authorities from knocking down the cross.”

What’s more shocking and appalling is that several poor minorities, have been asked to fall in line by destroying religious symbols and images and replace them with Communist leaders. Else, reports add that the government will not give them any welfare schemes!

With Xi Jinping taking over, he has unleashed religious terror on the minorities. He wants to decimate religious plurality and establish supremacy. Therefore, it is reported by many that he has issued instructions to demolish churches and mosques and not even allowed Buddhist children from practising their own religion.

The orders don’t limit themselves to flattening mosques or churches. Even religious texts are undergoing massive edits in order to be in line with principles of Socialism.

All that we can say is: God save China!