Bengaluru: By now, most of you would be privy to the information that an overseas Congress delegation met Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. 
They even passed a resolution condemning the alleged violence in Kashmir. After having faced severe criticism for trying to sully India’s reputation in the UK, the Congress did try a face saver, but only ended up with egg on its face. 

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But why does the Congress believe in the Labour Party and not the Conservatives? 

Now, you may find it strange that this matter finds its roots in former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. 

Once, Winston Churchill, the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom passed some racist remarks against Indians. He was from the Conservative party. Irked at his snide remarks, the then Indian Prime Minister Nehru and the Congress mistakenly turned to the Labour Party and remained hostile to the Conservatives, a policy that remained in practice for some time. 
Perchance, Nehru thought it was a good idea, but experts feel that the real damage done to India was by the Labour Party which was led by the then Prime Minister Clement Atlee (1945-51). 

But how? 

First things first. It was the Labour Party that partitioned India into India and Pakistan under the India Independence Act. 

Later, it also introduced a policy that stated that the Kashmir kerfuffle must be resolved under the UN resolution and that the accession of Jammu and Kashmir by India doesn’t hold any water. 

There are reports that the late influential Labour MP Gerald Kaufman stated his party’s views on the issue clearly.

He said, “The Kashmir issue has nothing to do with constituency pressure. It is an article of faith with the Labour Party. We believe the Kashmir issue is an imperial responsibility of ours and that it is the unfinished business of Partition.” 

So even to this day, MPs like Jeremey Corbyn hold the same view and keep regurgitating.